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Eliminating single-use waste in the food and beverage economy

REUSO provides reusable food containers for events, catering, festivals & more! Our technology solution empowers food operators to provide their customers with a way to enjoy their meals in a zero-waste system.


Reusable food and beverage packaging & cleaning

REUSO provides full-service reusable food & beverage containers for events, conferences, festivals, commercial buildings, and sports arenas in the greater Chicago area.

Rethink waste management.


Digitally track food and beverage containers and meausure impact

Are you a sports arena, stadium, or college campus with food services located in the USA? Learn how digitized reusable packaging can save you time, money & reduce your waste.

Expected launch early 2023.

REUSO Benefits

Become more sustainable, decrease waste, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and increase customer satisfaction with REUSO!

Climate Champion  Award Winner 


REUSO is the recipient of Chicago Innovation's 2022 first-ever Climate Champion Award!

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